When duty calls


If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. – Pat Riley

When my family and I moved to Spokane this past summer…  My husband and I made plans to find a temporary place for about a month, buy a house and then settle in.  Seemed like a good plan to us..  Plus, the realtor we were using had been working with us about a month before we pulled into town!  Man were we in for a very crazy adventure!

The first week was spent driving all over and to different towns even, viewing anywhere from 5-6 places of interest.  Each viewing went down something like this… Everyone would walk into the house of interest together… Followed by our two boys and myself immediately going one way, and leaving my husband with our realtor (who has never sold anything to a visually impaired individual) to go the opposite direction.   I must say it’s extremely humorous listening to a realtor almost loose her mind because her blind client is inching too close to an inground pool!!  All while discribing different features of the house trying not to elude to the fact that she is freaking out a bit!  Lol!  Sometimes when the boys and I were board we would purposely tell J about different things we had already found, explain to him where these things were located…  Then just sit back, and observe the realtor in a very calm manner frantically chase after J!  😁 Who was intently wondering around the top of stair cases, low lying ceilings, or sectioned off pool areas…  Trying to discover all the treasures he was just informed of!  Now understand my husband is 6’4″ and is a lot smarter then people give him credit for.  This was all done in harmless fun.  I always made sure his safety was never a cause for concern.  However looking at empty houses for 8 hours a day all week long  can get really boring, especially if you’re a kid.  I tried to keep it as entertaining as possible! Granted it was at the expense of our realtor, but hey, I’m sure she’s had worse experiences! 

Everyday ended with J and I sitting down writing out a pros and cons list to each house that was explored in comparison to the houses canvassed days previous. We also had intense conversations about financial breakdowns of each piece of property…  Because my husband bought our previous home before we were together.   And me only having rental experience.  I had no idea so much work went into purchasing a house.  All I ever had to do, was move in!!

By the time week two came around, our little family had settled into the temporary abode as planned.  The first night spent in our little apartment was filled with giggles and snickers seeping out of our boy’s room!  As my husband and I worked diligently filling the space with minimal items from storage, while making jokes of our neighbors dog, and just appreciating each other.  We had finally accomplished the first goal on our list, J and I felt a sense of accomplishment!  A celebration ensued in the form of Taco Bell and a new board game for our enjoyment!  We spent the next few days enjoying our new spot!  And waiting on an offer that was placed on a house we felt suited our needs very nicely.  When life decided to slowly step in and show us there was another plan for our family to embark upon!

We spent a lot of time at this house that came with its own in ground pool, pool house, split level entrance, duel fire places and a view that was so whimsical it could take anyone’s breath away!  My husband actually referred to this piece of property as “pure bliss!”  However after multiple inspections the blinders to our amazing dream home began to lift…  We started to notice that the house itself was not what it seemed.  Our biggest let down was discovering that the current owners had been the only caretakers to the property for a while..  Though they did a pretty good job for it just being the two of them, the couple was a lot older.   There for the few things that to them, were just harmlessly over looked resulted in big concerns.  It took us almost 3 months to layout all of the maintenance expenses we would face to even get the house ready to endure the up and coming winter months.  We finally made the painful decision to let it go and stay in our apartment at least over the winter season.  Save some money and then try again in the spring. 

When all was said and done, our boys said their goodbyes to classmates at one school and hello to the ones at their new schools.  We began to start our journey in our new town.  Things were going really well for us, our neighbors were very welcoming and excited to learn we decided not to move out so quickly.  Friendships began to form with the neighborhood kids and our boys.  My husband even formed his own bond with a fellow veteran!  About a few weeks after we established residency in our new complex, I received a phone call from my sister-in-law that resulted in a sling shot back to the town we had just vacated.  With a heavy heart… She informed me that as of 9 am that morning..  My older brother passed away at the young age of 35……


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